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    Case studies

    Mulsanne Insurance

    Learn how Mulsanne Insurance uses Cazoo Data Services tools, benefitting their teams and improving customer experience.


    Make Lending Decisions Easier

    With Access To Unrivalled Data. Assess risk and have confidence in using Cazoo Data Services's future valuations Companion tool.


    Car Finance Lenders Strategy Guide For The New Customer

    Cazoo Data Services whole market data assists vehicle finance lenders, improving overall strategies for customer journeys and...


    Companion - The only tool insurers need

    Companion tool demonstrates a whole-market data view. Helping Insurers identify fraud and block illegal claims.

    Case studies

    Motiv Finance

    Learn how Motiv Finance adopted one of our APIs and earned a spot next to one of the biggest comparison sites available.

    Case studies

    Covéa Insurance

    Learn how Covea, are optimising their processes and helping to facilitate the automation of vehicle valuation data within their...


    The importance of data enrichment for accurately...

    This Ebook explores new datasets that help insurers to accurately price motor risk and streamline the claims journey.


    Winning over customers and writing better business

    Learn how insurers can use vehicle data to bridge the gap between great customer experience and underwriting profitable business.


    Checklist for reducing fraudulent vehicle claims

    Download your go-to guide for spotting and reducing fraudulent vehicle claims.


    Faster, fairer motor claims settlements with...

    Discover how to generate a fairer total loss settlement value and spot fraudulent claims a mile off.


    How to quickly find comparable vehicles for...

    Discover a more accurate way to find similar vehicles for pre-accident value.


    Driving vehicle manufacturers towards a mobility...

    Discover the latest challenges for vehicle manufacturers and the importance of exploring new ways to unlock revenues in a time of...

    Case studies

    NFU Mutual

    Learn how NFU Mutual uses Cazoo Data Services data to enhance the customer experience and resolve claims fairly.

    Case studies

    Somerset Bridge

    Learn how Cazoo Data Services helps Somerset Bridge to settle third-party claims quickly.


    Accurately pricing motor risk with vehicle option &...

    Learn how Cazoo are helping motor insurers to better price risk and reduce the frequency of motor claims.

    Case studies

    Incident Management Solutions

    Find out how Incident Management Solutions (IMS) uses Cazoo Data Services tools to resolve total loss claims.

    Case studies

    Esure Group

    By using Cazoo Data Services realtime vehicle data, Esure Group is able to offer fair and accurate values to their customers.


    Cazoo Data Services Webinars

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